Prevent Ardeer Prototype Nuclear Fusion Plant

Prevent Ardeer Prototype Nuclear Fusion Plant

5 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jennifer Pless

The Ardeer Peninsula is currently one of five shortlisted sites for a prototype Nuclear Fusion Plant. The UKAEA (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), who shortlisted the sites are due to present their recommendation to the Secretary of State for Energy this spring with a final decision due before the end of 2022.

There has been very little local consultation on the potential placement of a Nuclear Fusion Plant on the Ardeer Peninsula. So there have been limited opportunities to raise concerns and ask questions. 

The main points of concern focus around these points.

1. A lack of desire to have a nuclear facility near a populated area. 

2. The risk to the nationally and internationally significant biodiversity on the peninsula.

3. The unclear promise on the ever changing number of jobs being promoted.

4. The end of the ability for locals to use the peninsula for recreational purposes. 

5. The impact a large construction site would have on local communities.

6. The threat of the Special Development Order that exists on the peninsula and what it means for future consultations if the project moves forward (the SDO means that no consultation needs to happen at all).

North Ayrshire Council have made their pro position clear, but in doing so are neglecting to represent their constituents who have concerns.

This petition is to allow those constituents with concerns to have an easily accessible to way to have their voices heard. 

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Signatures: 386Next Goal: 500
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