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Artists for Corbyn: An Open Letter

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Artists for Corbyn: An Open Letter

Now is the time for artists to stand up.
Now is the time for cultural workers to fight back.
Now is the time to declare our support for Jeremy Corbyn's vision for a fairer society.

Artists, cultural workers, please sign and share.
The names of all signatories will be added to a huge hand painted banner:
12 noon Saturday 3 June 2017 in front of the Museum of Liverpool,
Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1DG.

Come along, bring your friends and enemies, all are welcome.

Why Sign?
The arts in Britain are at a crossroads with the post-Brexit loss of EU funding and the relentless Tory cuts to arts and public services. The Tories are well advanced in their systematic decimation of arts and culture in the UK. They are eliminating the arts from the education system, cutting funding support for the arts on an unprecedented scale, and overseeing our removal from an international community and related funding systems via a ‘hard’ Brexit. They’ve already trebled university tuition fees and scrapped maintenance grants.

Artists are saddled with debt and confronted with the prospect of permanent low pay in a criminally underfunded arts sector. Cultural workers face ever more hostile working conditions.

Ordinary people are not safe from Theresa May’s government. The young, the elderly, migrants, nurses, teachers, women and people with disabilities have all bore the brunt of relentless Tory cuts. We’re witnessing the development of a neoconservative social dystopia in which homelessness increases year on year (16% in the last 12 months) in sickening correlation with the growth of wealth of the UK’s 1,000 richest people (14% in the same period). Expect more, expect worse.

This cannot go on any longer. We cannot allow this cold and calculated cruelty to continue to corrode our society. Enough is enough!

Jeremy Corbyn proposes an alternative vision, a future in which we spend billions on education and healthcare instead of wars and bailing out bankers - a co-operative, democratic country of shared wealth and resources in which everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential no matter what their circumstances. A Corbyn-led Labour Government would introduce a raft of policies that would immediately and directly benefit the arts: the National Education Service, including a life changing 30 hours per week of childcare funding for many of our 1 year olds and all our 2 year olds, an ‘arts’ pupil premium’ (which translates to £160million a year for cultural projects in schools), the scrapping of university tuition fees, a commitment to tackle fair pay in the arts, including a ban on unpaid internships and a £10 minimum wage.

Artists and cultural workers stand in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn.
We stand for an alternative vision of co-operation, democracy and fairness.
We reject the Tory’s ideological warfare of austerity.

For the many, not the few!

Artists for Corbyn

All signatories’ names will be added to a huge banner painted by artists (and their children), 12 noon Saturday 3 June 2017 in front of the Museum of Liverpool - Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1DG. Come and join us for the event.

The banner will then tour across the UK until Election Day (June 8th). Election Day will see a spectacular banner drop at a secret location to be announced shortly. Signatures will be collected until the General Election and added to the final spectacular banner drop on Election Day.

This open letter has been initiated by a network of artists and cultural workers based in Liverpool and Manchester.

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