Make Changes in the Olympics Pentathlon Horse Riding Competition

Make Changes in the Olympics Pentathlon Horse Riding Competition

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Haylee Graham started this petition to UIPM CONFEDERATIONS, UIPM Confederations (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne) and

Dear UIPM Confederations,
(Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne)

I am appalled.

In the Pentathlon, you are demanding that athletes only have 20 minutes to get to know their horses in the showjumping division before competing over courses set at 3’11 / 1.20 meters. First question is… but why?

These athletes are tremendous, but it is clear as day that most riders that competed have NOT been thoroughly trained to jump thousand pound animals at this level. THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS for both horse and rider. You are putting both horse and rider at risk of SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

How is this an Olympic sport??
Why are the jumps so high?? Can’t they be lowered??
Why does this even need to be part of the Pentathlon??
Why can’t they use their own horses instead of unfamiliar horses when they clearly don’t ride at this level to begin with??

And, as the media is begging, how is it fair that the chances of a medal can be completely obliterated based on the luck of a draw of an animal with a mind of its own in this division?

This is textbook how you ruin a perfectly good and honest jumping horse. This is textbook how a rider can get critically injured or killed in the arena, or a horse crashes, flips, falls, or walks away with a career or life ending injury. YOU are pushing the envelope of luck and chance, and misrepresenting the sport of showjumping entirely.

This section of the competion is demanding a rider to ask an unfamiliarized horse to gallop a 3’11 course with riders who have been acknowledged not to have the qualifications or skillsets for such a competition of this caliber. Instead, we hold our breaths as horses run around at full pace steered by nervous, bouncing riders completely misjudging distances, falling on their horse’s necks, yanking on their mouths, and inappropriately spurring and whipping. 

Now, the Pentathlon is getting all the press because of Annika Schleu's meltdown....but Annika Schleu who has caused such an outcry was panicking on the back of her horse before the bell even rung.
That horse wasn't be "naughty" or "stubborn." He was simply responding to his manic rider who he did NOT trust. Finally, after they nearly crashed, he said ENOUGH.
How many deaths or injuries will it take for both the UIPM, who spearheads this event, to say ENOUGH too?

This is an inaccurate representation of the showjumping sport and an absolutely vile example of horsemanship.

We ask either of the following:

1) Obstacles of the riding portion of the Pentathlon are lowered from the 3'11 / 1.20 meter height
2) Riders can choose their own horses or bring their own horses that they know and are familiarized with as a matter of safety for both horse and rider
3) The showjumping portion of the Pentathlon is replaced by an alternative such as dressage, endurance, trail, or any disclipline that has a reduced risk of collisions with obstacles and can examplifiy proper horsemanship between horse and rider. 

We ask that both horses and riders are no longer put at serious risk of being critically injured or killed.
We ask that the integrity of our sport remains protected by the UIPM and is represented accurately by only qualified professionals. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!