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The Sign has been up since 1951, and is one of the last remaining signs of its kind in Brooklyn. The Eagle clothing company opened in the factory back in 1951 until it filed for bankruptcy in 1989. 

It should be landmarked.

The reason U-Haul says they can't keep it is because Installing the sign on top of two additional floors would make the entire structure too tall for city height limits,.

Also, the sign would have been impossible to restore properly because many of its parts, especially the neon sections that once lit up the Gowanus sky, don't exist anymore. (Find that hard to believe. Wonder how hard they looked)

Letter to
Council Member Brad Lander
Architect David Pollock
Council Member 33rd District Stephen Levin
This is a petition to keep U-Haul from tearing down a Brooklyn Landmark.
We will be getting many, many more signatures and would like your help in stopping U-Haul from continuing this project.

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