Stop Exploitation of Animals at the HSU Christmas Market

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The Christmas Market will be held on the 7th of December 2017, from 2pm to 8pm. There will be an online action event on Facebook running for 2 weeks prior to the market. This event will be posted on the 21st of November at 6pm. It will only go ahead if the Students Union have not given a verdict on the use of animals, or if they have said they will go ahead with their plans to exploit them.

Details about the online action will be on the event page on Facebook, which will be called: 

ONLINE ACTION - Live Animal Abuse at University of Hertfordshire

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If enough people are able to sign this petition, we can stop the use of all live animals at any events throughout the year at the University of Hertfordshire.

Please help us to prevent the misery of these beautiful and gentle creatures.

The students union should not be promoting ANY animals as props. These animals are NOT commodities to be rented, owned, bought or sold.

In their natural habitat, reindeer can roam up to three thousand miles a year crossing through freezing water and over treacherous mountains. They are found in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Northern Europe and Northern Asia in tundra, mountains and woodland habitats. Their home ranges tend be as big as 190 square miles (500 square km), according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Being kept in a small pen, therefore, is a far cry from their natural habitat and is an example of human exploitation of animals for utterly unnecessary reasons. There are plenty of alternatives to real reindeer at Christmas events such as using models or employing people to dress up as reindeer. Reindeer don’t need to work, they need to live.

Reindeer are seen as four legged cash machines — a source of income for those in the meat industry but they are also marketable as an attraction. Every year hundreds of reindeer are rented out to shopping and garden centres, and markets as a Christmas prop to attract business. According to Cindy Murdoch, a board member of the Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association, reindeer rental owners are fully booked around Christmas and it appears that the price of renting a pair of reindeer can be as high as £995.

Christmas is a time for kindness, not for enslavement.


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