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It takes two sheep to make a single pair of Ugg boots. In the process to obtain sheepskin, merino sheep are often wounded or hurt. Sometimes they are tortured to death if they cause a disturbance in the process of getting their wool. Also, since merino sheep have to grow such huge amounts of wool, folds are created in their skin, which can get cut, leaving open wounds as the sheep is sheared.

Workers often work overtime for as long as sixteen hours a day for six days a week. In China, the workers are probably earning less than $3 700 annually and working twice the hours to keep the prices down customers can buy cheaper Ugg boots.

In addition to this, labourers are exposed to harmful chemicals when creating the Ugg boots. For example, when tanning the sheepskin as part of the process to make an Ugg boot, a chemical called chromium sulfate is used. Like many other chemicals, it can be dangerous.

Thousands of unsuspecting people may be buying cheap counterfeit Uggs made from pelts of animals skinned alive. Counterfeit Uggs have been found made with raccoon dog and even domestic dog fur. These pelts most likely must have come from barbaric Chinese fur farms. Raccoon dogs are confined row upon row in tiny wire cages that are exposed to harsh weather and climate. Many of the animals go insane from the confinement. Raccoon dogs are dragged from their cages, slammed repeatedly on the ground, and then skinned while still conscious.

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