Cancel all university exams

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Due to Covid19 crisis, exams are constantly being postponed unnecessarily. I request the UGC to cancel the university exams and pass the students on pro rata basis. 

Many universities have students from different states and even abroad who will have to travel back and forth across several cities, which poses a huge risk for the health and safety of the students and will lead to an even wider spread of the virus. Even once the situation is brought under control to some degree, travelling back and forth may aggravate the situation. Moreover, many final year students are also applying to universities abroad for further studies and are unable to do so since the universities constantly postpone exams. This will inevitably lead to a year loss for many students and be detrimental to their future studies. 

Online exams are also not a viable option as many students reside in rural areas and do not have access to the internet. It may also lead to distorted results as students can easily Google answers. 

Another factor to consider is that students are not in the mental or physical state to study and prepare for their exams during this pandemic and are very stressed about the situation as well as their health. 

Taking all these factors into consideration, I think cancelling the university exams and marking/graduating students on the basis of their past academic record or internal assignments is the best option. 

This also ensures fair marking of students without any bias and will provide students with results on time and give them one less issue to worry about and also take away the stressful situation of their exams. 

Therefore we request the UGC to instruct all affiliated universities and deemed to be universities to cancel the end-semester examinations as soon as possible, keeping in mind the future, as well as the health and safety of students.