UGANDA: 2021 Election resulting in de facto military regime with violation of human rights

UGANDA: 2021 Election resulting in de facto military regime with violation of human rights

5 February 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Margaret Stevens

Uganda, a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations and the African Union, is in effect now a military regime. The President, Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni, who pays lip-service to democracy in order to maintain international support, has been in power for 35 years having changed the Constitution more than once to make this possible.

There is much evidence that the recent Presidential Election on 14th January 2021 was not free, fair and transparent. It was marred by widespread and serious voting irregularities as well as violence and intimidation by the government and security forces before and since the elections. Thousands continue to "disappear", be kidnapped, arrested, detained in ungazetted places, beaten, brutally tortured and killed. Civilians have even been brought before military courts.

The main opposition Presidential candidate (Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine) was illegally put under house arrest for eleven days following the Election, apparently to prevent him from seeing his lawyers and to hinder the legal process of filing a formal complaint about the legality of the Election in the civil Courts of Justice. Kyagulanyi has repeatedly called for non-violent resistance and protests.

On 3rd February 2021, in a further attack on democracy, Museveni closed down the Democratic Governance Facility (funded by Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the EU). Museveni also shut down the Internet and social media for a period during the elections; interruptions still persist and private accounts are monitored.

With no safe way of protesting, so many ordinary Ugandans have nevertheless risked sending pleas, using VPN, to the outside world to stop ignoring what is happening, namely the violence, repression and breakdown of democracy. They are crying out for peace and justice, freedom of speech, protection of human rights and an end to violence and oppression by the security forces.

Through us, they are urging the international community to act by:

  1. Investigating and acting on allegations of gross human rights abuse (including extra-judicial arrests, kidnappings, torture, killings and the use of military courts to try civilians).
  2. Using diplomatic means, including appropriate sanctions, to support, promote and build capacity for the peaceful transition of power to a democratically elected President and Government.
  3. Reviewing aid and investment policies to ensure nothing goes, directly or indirectly, to the Uganda Government budget under President Museveni or to security forces but only to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) free of government interference in their work of supporting democracy, rule of law, civil society, good governance, development and the alleviation of poverty. 

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Signatures: 4,875Next Goal: 5,000
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