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Show engagement for animal protection and STOP innocent animal killings.

Quoting from: Animal WATCH (

In "preparation" of the UEFA football Euro2012 the host cities of Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv show more than 80,000 dogs have been brutally killed (shot, poisoned or burned while still alive!!) over the past year. Many animal protection groups believe the number is far higher!!



Stray dogs/cats are completely resulted from the neglect of the cities' governing body. By that it means the city/town council failed to setup animal caring groups to sterilize stray dogs/cats and relocate them to homes, which results the increase of the numbers of stray animals over the years. And in many cases the numbers are contributed by irresponsible pet owners that these animals became homeless. 

The cities have failed to handle the problem which is due to incompetent of its governing head, and now they just want to "get rid" of the "problem" by murdering!

It is reckless, inhuman, lazy and CRUEL!! 



The Kiev government said it was to stop killing strays. But Judith Pein, of the German branch of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said it was still happening!



The UEFA (official Organizer) DID NOT show any serious effort to stop this barbaric slaughter of innocent animals. Although the UEFA has given twice an amount of 8.000 Euros for the sterilization of stray dogs/cats in the cities of Ukraine and is giving away 196 MILLION Euros on bonuses for the whole football event! The victory team of the tournament can cash up to 23,5 Million Euros!


With only a small percentage of that money thousands of dogs could have been saved!

"It's a slaughterhouse," said Asya Serpinska, head of the Ukrainian Association of Animal Protection Organizations. There are approximately 250.000 stray dogs in Ukraine, which are at risk of a brutal mass murder!

These actions contradict European Animal rights Convention and any adequate humans moral principles.


In addition of UEFA's wrong doing:

The UEFA’s statements:
“We do not want to interfere with the organizer´s business”
"We cannot interfere further with matters not directly related to football."

However, these killing is DIRECTLY resulted by UEFA's football EURO2012!

“Killing” in the name of football- sport does not correlate with the UEFA’s idea of “fair play”.

This is a worldwide call: We the undersigned demand that the UEFA finally shows engagement for animal protection in their entire volume of their financial possibilities as compensation of the mass killing of stray animals in the cities of Ukraine and Poland!


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    Michel Platini
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