Save Our Hobbs Creek Drive Neighborhood

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Petition to allow Hobbs Creek Drive to remain as a 2-way residential access road and
allow SR-193 to maintain direct access to US-89, both north and south, as currently exists.

We demand rejection of UDOT’s SR-193 Concepts 1 and 2 which changes Hobbs Creek Drive, a small residential access road, into a high speed south-bound on-ramp for US-89 commuters heading south.

The following reasons are provided:  

1) SR 193 Concepts 1 and 2 would not reduce congestion on US 89 nor would it improve traffic flow.  SR 193 direct on- and off-ramps to US 89 and Hobbs Creek Drive residential access road both function effectively and efficiently as currently exits.  

2) Increased danger and decreased safety for local residents and visitors who must use Hobbs Creek Drive as their only access for leaving or entering their homes.  High potential for fatal accidents due to high speed vehicles and semi and cargo trucks, which are increasing neighborhood residential speed from 30 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour to access US 89 lanes.

3) Air quality; additional increase in inversions, pollution and noise.     

4) Residents’ decreased property value.  

5) Requires extra emergency-response time.  

6) Endanger elementary school children walking to and from school.  Bus service is not provided for them.  

7) Decreased local mobility.  Shuts off neighborhoods and overall inconvenience and   creates a long commute for residents to access each other anywhere north of their homes.  

8) Not cost effective and waste of taxpayer funds.

9) Excessive speed and increased traffic on Hobbs Creek Drive.

10) Extra wear and tear on cars; increased mileage and travel time; extra gas and oil usage and costs to residents and visitors.

We, the signers of this petition, demand UDOT allow Hobbs Creek Drive remain intact as a two-way residential access road and allow SR-193 to maintain direct access to US-89, both north and south, as currently exists.

*NOTE: If you would like to view the UDOT (The Utah Department of Transportation) State Environmental Study (SES) where the two concept recommendations are stated to specifically change Hobbs Creek Drive into an off ramp from SR-193 and then into an on ramp for US-89, making residents drive only one direction south, please see UDOT's map proposal. It can be found at  and  to take a look at the maps. 

On this page, click on “Public Meetings”.   Then click on the third blue line in the middle of the page, “Public Open House – June 20, 2017 – Public Comments and Displays”.   This will bring up all the maps of the different plans/designs UDOT is considering for Highway 89.  Note the two maps concerning SR-193 and Hobbs Creek Drive are near the bottom of a long page with the two concept maps, side by side, titled “US-89 to SR-193 FREEWAY with One Way Frontage”.   Please notice the legend at the bottom and the information in the upper right of each map.  To zoom in, go to the upper right corner.  There is a square with an arrow through it (Pop Out).  Click on it.  To make the map larger, click on the + sign lower middle right.  





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