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As students and employees of the University of California, San Diego we have the responsibility to advocate for workers rights in all arenas where university money is spent; and ensure that student finances are being adequately managed to provide a safe and healthy residential environment.
Whereas, the University of California is regarded around the globe as a premier public educational institution producing Nobel Prize Winners, world class research and top decision makers and opinion leaders. UCSD's reputation for excellence is generally assumed to extend to the University's employee pay and benefits packages. UCSD Principles of Community clearly states "We are committed to the highest standards of civility and decency toward all. We are committed to promoting and supporting a community where all people can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of abusive or demeaning treatment."

The University of California San Diego has failed to hold these high ideals of fostering excellence and opportunity by overworking its service workers and failing to provide UCSD students with an adequate standard of hygienic cleanliness within all of the college dormitories and facilities.

Housing management has severely decreased the amount of time housing workers have to clean dormitories and apartments. Previously, housing workers had 5 days to clean 10 suites including stairways, windows, and everything around their assigned perimeter. The new implemented schedule obligates housing workers to clean 10 suites in 3 days, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and additionally, on Tuesdays and Thursdays clean 14 apartments, including two more public areas such as the laundry room, public bathrooms, elevators, or mail rooms. It is impossible for UCSDs housing workers to be able to do a thorough cleaning job when they are short staffed and management has put restriction on the time they can start cleaning suites, leaving only 6 hours to clean, minus the time many must walk to and from different areas approximately 25 square feet of difference. Housing workers at the village had one full week to deep clean their set of 7 apartments during our Spring/ Winter breaks but are now only given two days to complete the assignment. Workers are being extremely overworked and in fear of loosing their job or any form of retaliation from management they are pushing their bodies into strenuous conditions, risking their health in order to get the job done. This is unacceptable.

As our student fees continue to rise, UCSDs commitment to our campus health and safety standards has lowered by abusing workers health in the name of a careless economical plan, an unsustainable issue that must be addressed by Housing, Dining, and Hospitality Management immediately.

Therefore be it resolved that UCSD Housing and Maintenance Management, including Jeff Wadell and Mark Cunningham, hire more workers to adequately relieve workers of unmanageable workloads, in order to avoid extreme stress, worker injury, and decrease intimidation from work area inspections and provide UCSD students with an adequate standard of hygienic cleanliness within all of the college dormitories and facilities.

We will be presenting signatures to Associated Students with hope that we will get an identical AS resolution passed, in order to pressure Housing and Maintenance Management to hire more workers by the end of Spring Quarter.
We ask that this event remain private in the interest of keeping our resolution out of the awareness of Housing and Maintenance Management until the resolution is passed.
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