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We, as students of UCSB, are in solidarity with Professor Miller-Young and urge our student body, staff, faculty, and community members to provide as much support as possible. We do not condone the hate speech and media attention she has been actively receiving.

We put pressure on administration and Chancellor Yang to issue a statement of support for Professor Miller-Young by the end of this academic quarter, March 21st, 2014. 

We also put pressure on administration and the Office of Student Life to re-evalute rules and regulations that allow outside community members to so heavily trigger and target students and faculty on this campus. 

While we support an open campus, we would like the University to prioritize the safety of the UCSB community and not be silent when valued professors are at the center of scrutiniy.

We send all our love & solidarity to Professor Miller-Young and other womyn of color faculty members that have not been fiercely supported by this University, and hope that the members of UCSB can follow our lead. 

Letter to
UCSB Students, Staff, Faculty, Community, Administration, and Chancellor Yang
Support and Be in Solidarity with UCSB Professor Miller Young

We expect a statement of support for Professor Miller-Young by the end of this academic quarter, March 21st, 2014. Professor Miller-Young has been at the center of media scrutiny, and our University has made no statement of support or solidarity.

We demand that you address this issue and support your faculty members, especially the womyn of color who dedicate so much to their fields of study.

Your dedication to campus safety must include addressing the presence of triggering people and images on our campus as well as supporting Professor Miller-Young who is a fundamental part of not only Feminist Studies department, but also to the University.

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