Close the UCSB campus to stop the Wuhan Coronavirus

Close the UCSB campus to stop the Wuhan Coronavirus

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A Letter to UCSB School Boards,

As Wuhan Coronavirus is spreading, it is the school's responsibility to monitor the student body.

*** Due to the high demands of the facial masks (surgical and N95 masks), local store has already ran out of supplies. Please help the students from infection by providing free masks in student health office and other locations on the campus. This action will minimize the risk of infection and spreading of both flu and coronavirus.

1. Ensure sufficient facial masks and other medical supplies are available in the student health office.

2. A committee must be initiated to track the students health and monitor the disease.

3. Update of the Wuhan Coronavirus should be emailed to every student, faculty, and staff periodically.

4. Mental health support should be offered to the students who are needed due to the fear of the spreading disease.

5. Most importantly, public area should be cleaned thoroughly multiple times.

6. Class attendance should be made optional, and lectures should be recorded and uploaded to gauchospace for students. Large events should be documented and monitored to prevent and prohibit the spreading of disease.