Join our Heartfelt Cause in Support of Alberta Disability Workers.

Join our Heartfelt Cause in Support of Alberta Disability Workers.

March 8, 2022
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Jeremy Nixon (Honourable Jeremy Nixon)
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Why this petition matters

Alberta’s Community Disability Services are in a staffing crisis.

Workers paid to support people with disabilities have not seen a wage increase since 2014 (despite an increase in the cost of living of 14% over the past eight years). They are feeling stressed and undervalued and many are choosing to leave their jobs for other employment where they will be properly compensated for their skills and valuable contributions.

The low wages and retention rates are of serious concern to community-based employers who are struggling to recruit and retain qualified staff to provide essential services to Albertans with disabilities.

Immediate action is required by the government of Alberta.

Community Disability Service Workers must be properly compensated for the essential work and the value that they bring to the lives of Albertans with disabilities and their families. Failure to provide an influx of new dollars to raise the wages of this workforce will result in an escalating crisis across the province.

In support of Community Disability Service Workers, there is a provincial campaign to advocate for a 25% increase to current wages.

All people employed in Community Disability Services, Self advocates and Families/Guardians, we hope that you will join us in this important campaign.

Send your letters to the following contacts, including your MLA

• The Community and Social Services Minister, Jeremy Nixon
• The Deputy Minister, Cynthia Farmer
• Opposition Critic, Marie Renaud

Honourable Jeremy Nixon

Cynthia Farmer

Marie Renaud


Support now
Signatures: 13,728Next Goal: 15,000
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