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Petitioning University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst

UConn: Denounce Threats Against a Student and Make the Campus Safer for Everyone


Last Tuesday, The Feminist Wire published "An Open Letter to UConn President Susan Herbst," written by Carolyn Luby, a senior at the University of Connecticut. Since then, Luby has been threatened with rape, murder, and other forms of violence for courageously identifying concerns about UConn. Her letter was sincere and demonstrated a commitment to democratic dialogue. The backlash she has experienced has been met with silence by university administration and an intensification of online threats.

The site, Barstool Sports has reposted her letter, added misinformation, and has generated a slue gender based violent comments against her and her work— to the extreme of rape and death threats against her. A second site has been established dedicated to rape jokes against her.

She has also experienced derogatory comments directed at her while she has walked across campus, and she is now receiving hate email, including threats of rape and murder.  

Letter to
University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst
Every UConn student deserves to learn in an environment in which s/he feels safe. We are asking you to:

1) Make a public statement against violence against women and other marginalized groups–whether this violence is imagined, realized, written, or verbal.

2) Take Luby’s open letter seriously and respond to it respectfully and in the spirit of engaged dialogue and learning for which universities are known.

3) Work with administration, faculty, and other campus groups to implement language, activities, and curriculum around zero tolerance for sexism, racism, misogyny, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. at UConn.

Please sign to support Carolyn Luby, a safer UConn, and urge Susan Herbst to step up and be a leader to end rape culture, at UConn and on campuses across the nation.

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