Stop Retaliation Against Women Who Report Discrimination at UCLA


Stop Retaliation Against Women Who Report Discrimination at UCLA

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Started by Anke Schennink

Dr. Sandra Koch is a dedicated scientist in neurobiology who is at risk of losing her research position at UCLA after daring to report pregnancy discrimination.

While working as a Postdoctoral Scholar in 2017, Sandra told her then-boss that she was pregnant - and was promptly told to leave. Determined to continue her research, Sandra brought the matter to UCLA’s Title IX office, and also worked with her union to file a grievance, which eventually resulted in a settlement that allowed her to continue her research in a different lab under a different faculty supervisor.  

However, in a shocking and blatant show of retaliation, UCLA notified Sandra that her postdoctoral position must end on June 30. This is despite her current supervisor fighting to keep Sandra in his lab, and despite her having secured funding from an external source.

It is unacceptable that UCLA has continuously failed to protect researchers, teachers, and students from discrimination and abuse. The culture of institutional tolerance and acceptance towards discrimination against women, people of color, and other marginalized groups is a shameful stain on the reputation of UCLA and the UC system.

Together, we demand that UCLA prevents this gross injustice that serves no purpose other than to further punish a postdoc who dared to speak up about discrimination. We call on Chancellor Block and UCLA leadership to continue Sandra Koch’s postdoc appointment and to stop perpetuating the culture of retaliation against employees who have the courage to speak up against discrimination.

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Anke Schennink, UAW 5810 President

Alli Carlisle, UAW 2865 Southern Vice-President

Marissa Ochsner, UAW 2865 Recording Secretary

Yunyi Li, UAW 2865 UCLA Unit Chair

Naomi Goldenson, UAW 5810 UCLA Unit Chair

Christina Priest, Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810


This petition made change with 3,183 supporters!

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