Demand for UCSD to allow Universal P/NP for the rest of the academic year

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The pandemic is a massive crisis that has affected the lives of practically every student. When UCSD originally allowed P/NP for Spring Quarter 2020, this was done because of the sudden shift to online learning that both instructors and students and needed to adapt to. Measures need to be taken to reduce stakes/stress for everyone involved, and the universal P/NP was an effective method for achieving that.

If the university’s original intention with P/NP in Spring 2020 was to reduce the mental stress and toll that the current pandemic is having in its undergraduate students, now is a more relevant time than ever to roll out a policy that meaningfully furthers that goal.

This would not jeopardize the “value” of a degree from UCSD. Many major universities that historically rank higher than UCSD have implemented very lenient P/NP policies out of concern for their undergraduate students.

UCSD should follow the example set by the other UC schools and major universities and create more P/NP options for students to continue their education in a way that allows for flexibility during unprecedented and stressful times.

Added Points for Clarity (12/03/2020):

- This petition demands that students have the option to pick between a Letter Grade and P/NP. It does not mean to mandate that all students must have P/NP

- I am well aware that Academic Senate cannot force departments to adopt the P/NP regulation. However, they should at least take the first step and allow departments to have the option to have P/NP leniency. 

-The P/NP deadline should be extended up to Week 10. Students have been advocating for this for multiple weeks and we are not at fault for this change not having been implemented earlier. That is to say, this is not simply coming up because finals are. COVID has been changing everyone's ability to learn since Week 4 and will continue doing so in the future. Students should be allowed to make the change whenever they so choose to adapt to the changes that they personally encounter.

-Ideally, this P/NP change should be introduced this quarter (Fall 2020).