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UC Regent Reform

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First, we are requesting the terms of the UC Regents be lessened from twelve years to four years. We are requesting that once the appointing Governor is removed or retires from his office, the regent appointed with his office is either a) removed or b) reappointed by the next governor. Secondly, we are requesting the present power the Regents experience in Article 9 Section 9 of the California constitution be limited and a checks and balances system be instituted. The current state of the Regents power is absolute governance provided by the constitution of California with little outside or student input. We are requesting the selection and appointment of the Regents fall in line with the constitutional processes in place. No person is allowed to redefine or reinterpret these processes as currently laid out.  We are requesting the meetings be open and all minutes recorded in these meetings are made readily available to the public. Thirdly, we are requesting that student representation is increased from 2 student regents (one voting student and one non voting student) to ten (5 voting students and 5 non voting students). We are requesting the student regent be selected by an outside entity from the Regents, who currently are the selecting body for the student regent. Since there are ten campuses within the UC system, we request each is represented within the Regent. The cycle of whom will be non voting or voting will be determined by UCSA who will have the final approval in regards to who student regent will be. The selection process of the potential student regent will be done by the student body at the respective campus via a democratic election. Five students will be selected based on the democratic election and submitted for the interviewing process. These five potential student representatives can range from undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The interviews will be conducted by the student congresses at the each campus. Two students will be selected by the student congress to advance to the next round of interview and selection processes. Once two of the students have been approved for the next selection process, they will be referred to UCSA for final selection. UCSA will then select one student from each campus to sit on the Regent for a term of one academic year. The final selection process will have a checks and balances system instituted in order to ensure no level of impropriety. This part of the process will coincide with the current selection and term processes of the student regent with the above adjustments. The calender for which schools will have a non voting and voting student will be at the discretion of UCSA, with an equal cycling period for each represented campus. Once the academic year expires the non voting student will become the voting student regent. The five campuses without representation will hold elections to select students for the above process of selection by UCSA and will sit as the non voting student regent for that academic year. This process will be enacted within one calendar year of approval by the legislature or an election approval by the residents of California. This petition is meant to deconstruct the current power structure within the Regent. Student representation is limited and does not currently include graduate or professional students. There is one voting student regent alongside 18 other regents who have voting power. This disproportionate power structure does not adequately represent the student body. The lack of transparency within the Regent cripples the students, as well as, the staff it is meant to represent. Your support in relationship to this petition will change the face of education within California and abroad. We want the Regents to work alongside students to keep education equitable and accessible. We want the Regents to work with the UC workers to ensure pay is growing at the same rate as COLA (Cost of Living Allowance). The inclusion of the students and workers in this movement will make education a priority once again in California, as well as, across the nation. Support this social movement to save education!

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