UBS Bahamas, Stop Harassing our Family and Obstructing Litigation

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We are individual traders, with six children, in the Bahamas. In 2012 we entered into a 5-year investment agreement with UBS bank Bahamas, which failed to provide the promised services and in 2014 went into voluntary liquidation and absolutely prevented us from any activity, simply because of its liquidation. Instead of refunding us, started to harass us, while constantly avoiding to come to court. And now we are at the mercy of the whim, spite or greed of those controlling the bank, who could cause it to be dissolved at any time. We are roofless, without being heard on merits in any court for the past three years.

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We were already victims of an illegal violent assault, and one of our sons was physically and verbally assaulted in the course of said illegal execution

This is an outrageous story, we would not have believed it, had it not happened to our family. All that we ask is that UBS finally stop avoiding the court hearing and blackmailing us with additional harm to our family.

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We believe that our victory will be a victory for everyone fighting greed and self-interest, encouraging and inspiriting the efforts of those already engaged in the struggle against sophisticated white collar criminals around the World. We are one movement and together we will move forward!