Assassins creed forsaken spin off Game about Haytham kenways Early life. Ps4,Pc,Xbox one

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This is a letter addressed to Ubisoft. It was made with the purpose of requesting a new game for the character of Haytham Kenway. Our petition is based on the fact that we do not know much about this character, besides it has a great amount of fans who will willingly play a new game having him as the protagonist. This would be a great opportunity to learn more about him and his steps during Templar training to serve the order. If this is possible we would also like Adrian Hough to reprise his role as Haytham Kenway. A third point about this game should Is that It should include the same playable style as Assassins creed Black Flag,In addition to that I think this Game should have the same Graphics as Origins. And also In the beginning of the game, for Haythams armament we recommend Edward's short sword and a flintlock as well as a knife, but later on in the game the Hidden Blade should also be included. Another item that we consider will add importance is the use of outfits. We would like to request Ubisoft to add the redcoat outfit from Assassins creed 3 but without the hat; a Haytham outfit that doesn't have his cape as well as a one without the coat just his red shirt underneath, and if it's possible we would like Shay's outfit to be added as well as some of the following ones: Edward, Ezio, Connor, Altair and Arno,Jacob. Finally we believe that Haytham is a character with a mysterious personality and a new game about him will be successful as all the other Ubisoft games. That being said we would like to hear Ubisoft's opinion and decision in regards to this matter, And lastly we would like to have Matt Ryan back as Edward Kenway for this potential project. 

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