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Ubisoft Taking away our content (Rainbow Six Siege)

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Ubisoft is cutting down the ranked playlist into only 9 of the 17 maps, and for casual they are only keeping 15 of the 17 maps. These maps may not be fan favorites but they are still content. Please we need to come together as a community for this awesome game to tell Ubisoft to not keep only 9 maps in ranked, but to have all for casual and ranked. Anyone who thoroughly enjoys this game should know that some maps play a bit better, but they still deserve to be in the map playlist so the game does not get boring, or repetitive. You may think that right now the 9 maps in ranked and the 15 in casual are okay but what if next season Ubisoft takes away your favorite maps? As said by IceyCat, "the current change is horrible to people who play ranked or casually and they do not follow or are a part of the ESL Pro League". Please Ubisoft do not take away these maps keep the matchmaking maps as it is right now! Lets Get this Petition to at least 1000 signatures so Ubisoft can see that we as a community care! 

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