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Remove the 'Assassin's Creed Movie' from Canon

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The Assassin's Creed movie was liked by some... Hated by many. Opinions aside at this point there were some heavy lore issues. This is my biggest issue with the movie. Nothing else bothered quite as much as some of the thing they did within the movie that DO NOT make sense in current canon.


To name a few (spoilers for the AC movie):

the bleeding effect does not allow you to speak to your dead mother. 

Abstergo know about the Apple... and the Isu but in the movie they act oblivious.

they have the ability as of 2013 to use dead people's DNA for research, makes no sense to kidnap Cal... just take his DNA after death.

The animus 2.0 exists in the movie for some reason....

they state Aguilar was a guardian of the apple (a term they've never used before) and refer to him as "the last to hold the apple of Eden" we know this isn't true because of Ezio and Desmond just to name two. And from the heresy novel we know Alan Rikkin knows of Ezio so why he's oblivious now, makes 0 sense. (Yes they could be referring to Aguilar being the last known user to hold this specific Apple but It's never clarified in the movie, so it still makes no sense).

its pronounced Rikkin not Rykin (this alone should exclude it from canon)


there are many more but far too many to list here, I think I've gone over the main ones. My point here is, I care very much about AC, the universe and mythos... And this movie feels like a middle finger to the fan base in terms of lore.

For us fans, we'd appreciate nothing more than for it to just not be considered canon... Discovery is now canon again which means the movie makes less sense again in current canon since Ezio came into contact with Columbus during 1492 onwards.

Ubisoft have removed things from canon before such as various comics... I believe the movie would feel far more enjoyable being within its own self contained movie universe which doesn't affect or interact with the games universe. Kinda how the MCU doesn't affect what happens in marvel comics.

thank you for reading, this is one of the biggest issues in AC for me and since I love the lore, I honestly just want it sorted

Thanks guys 

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