Remastered version of Star Wars Revenge of the sith video game

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  • I would absolutely love to see Disney and Ubisoft remaster Star Wars Revenge of the sith video game. The game was an excellent game when it was first released and it really needs an overhaul. I would like the graphics to come out looking more like Jedi the fallen order. I would also like extra footage or gameplay in the remastered revenge of the sith that covers the entire story. I would like to see online multiplayer added to game as well because I really liked that you could lightsaber battle another player. I know that LucasArts and Montreal aren't really around anymore but I really think if Disney would collaborate with Ubisoft to make remastered version of Star wars revenge of the sith video game it would turn out wonderful. I really enjoyed the game back in the day so much as I'm sure many star wars fans did I would like to see this star wars game remastered for sure as well as others if that is possible.