Re-master Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC

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Like many fellow Scott Pilgrim fans, I enjoy reading the comics and watching the movie. Both of which I've done practically a million times! Although, Scott was able to tackle another form of media - video games! Video games served as one of the main inspirations for the franchise. The movie and comics are jam packed with references to video games, and the art style is kind of like a video game (More so the movie than the comics) But anyway, the video game was critically acclaimed, and is pretty faithful to the arcade beat-em-ups that inspired it. However, tons of Scott Pilgrim fans (Including myself) never got to play this awesome game since it was de-listed in 2014 from the PSN and XBLA online stores. Now, with my proposed re-mastering, not much would need to be changed. Just bring it back and onto the newer platforms. All DLC would be included, and the price would be the same as the original release on PSN and XBLA. If Ubisoft is confident that the game will do well, they can release a physical version, but it should just be digital only. I hope the people at Ubisoft knows how many people who want to play this game but can't since it was de-listed. I hope that we can get Ubisoft to re-master this game and I hope you sign my petition!