Fix/Remove Rainbow 6: Siege's Toxicity Update

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Sine the update was announced on April 4, 2018, during the release of season 3's new map Villa and the new ops Alibi and Maestro, there was a drastic change to the way players can communicate and play.

Players located in different countries are getting banned from everyday words or phrases, like when another player asked about his weapon skin, the Spanish man replied in chat, "hielo negro" and he got a 27-minute ban for "Toxic Behavior". This was Reddit user AftershockDesert, he replied to nessobeatz's post about how a player asked about where he was from and used a shortened word for Pakistani, he said "I'm paki" and also was banned for "Toxic Behavior."

Players are abusing the system, getting users banned for jokes in the chat and asking people to spell words or what the name was of a certain item or character. "What was the name of Cartman's superhero character?" From Ubisoft's other game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, "His name is Coon." -Banned for toxic behavior-

Ubisoft's intended use of the auto ban feature in the recent update is being used to troll and make the game worse, fans are going against the game, calling the game Rainbow Safe Space, or SJW Seige because of Ubisoft's strict but hidden guidelines for players to follow since this update. Players are turning chat off completely, in fear of trolls or getting banned. Some turned it off because they see no use for it since this update, and they use voice comms instead.

I want to change how recent players are using this new update to ruin peoples experience, getting people banned is not funny, especially if their next ban is a week long. Team killing is fun when its casual and your mates are just goofing around, but soon it will be restricted with Ubisoft's future plans.

Sign this to try to reach out to Ubisoft to either fix their auto ban system or to remove it entirely and let an M rated game be played as it is.