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Either make Uplay start working or scrap it immediately

Companies have been DRMing their games for years as protection from pirating. They put restrictions such as making a disc worthless after 3 installations, logging into online systems that never work, or just make it difficult to play the game. Not only does this fail to prevent pirating, as pirates can "crack" (make the game skip DRM) games relatively quickly, but it can encourage pirating because few ponieswant to deal with this kind of situation.

Uplay has potential to be good, but not only is it faulty, it is forced upon the customer. We have no choice but to use it because the game will not start without it. Many would agree that if it was optional, this problem could be fixed.

Almost every video game released these days has DRM, and gamers are sick of it. No company is exempt from this, so we need to start now.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Ubisoft.

Either make Uplay start working or scrap it immediately.
There are hundreds of people in the forum waiting for technical support. Speaking of forums, why don't you check them right now? It's full of angry people who want you shut Uplay down, yet you don't seem to notice. Maybe if you cared about gamers like you claimed you do, then this wouldn't be a problem.

Simply put, you want us to buy your game, and we want to buy your game, but Uplay prevents this simple deal from happening. Fix it and make it optional or throw it away entirely.

All gamers

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