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DONT nerf Kapkan that hard

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Daddy Kapkan should NOT be nerfed SO hard

There should be some compromise, if the devs go through with the nerf then Kapkan becomes basically completely useless unless all of his traps are placed at the doorways of the objective(s). Even then it just slows capitalizing the point, and the only reason that's a good spot is because noise is almost consistent there.
Plus, 5 traps are way too many and a dumb thing to use to make up for the extreme nerf.

Making a Compromise:
Trap damage change:
Instead of instant kill, it downs people as opposed to inflicting 60 damage.
Trap noise and visibility:
Silent with a red laser.
Trap amount:
How about we just go right in the middle and say 4. Compromise.
Armor and speed:
2 armor 2 speed since his traps aren't instant kill anymore.

That seems fair to me. Just like how Frost's traps make someone immobile, Kapkan should be the one defense op other which at least downs people. The red laser is fair since his traps are rendered useless when they're placed throughout the map in areas which aren't being played in when they have noise. Plus, they won't instantly die, it just continues the awareness. 4 traps can be 3 since it at least downs them, but 4 is good since it's no longer instant kill. Finally, 2 armor 2 speed will always be justified for him since he needs time to place the traps.


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