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Rainbow Six Siege R6S Ubisoft Team Kill ~ Ban The Ban

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To All R6S Gamer Owner:

Anyone who owns the game Rainbow Six Siege by Ubisoft. "Team Kill" are a Massive problem with the game play of R6S and the developers only solution to this is to ban the players who paid for the game. This solution is not only unethical it crosses legal boundaries as the game players own the game they are playing. The issue is Team Kills are not always intentional. Many times using an operator like Fuse for example there are unintentional collateral damage to the team. Thermite, Smoke, Ash and Capitao all contribute at time to unintentional damage or outright Team Kills. The result, a R6S ban. Our petition is to force Ubisoft to Ban The Ban of R6S game owners.



There are a number of solutions that Ubisoft could take instead of banning the owners of this game from playing it.

1) Remove Team Deaths - the majority of all FPS do not allow team kills. FPS prevent teammates from inflicting damage against one another in the majority of games, unless in advanced or hardcore modes. 

2) Self-Inflicted Damage  - Instead of banning R6S game owners from playing the game they own, punish their characters. Damage inflicted on another teammate, intentional or not, results in that damage being inflicted on the perpetrators operator instead.

3) Rank Reduction - Instead of banning players how have paid for and own a game when Team Killing. Drop their R6S Profile Rank. Team kill intentionally or accidentally you get ranked down. Team Kill multiple players with C4 you drop 10 Profile ranks. Negative Ranked players can only play against other negative ranked players too. 


Should We Sue?

By banning the owners of its game, Ubisoft is opening itself up to a massive global lawsuit. If this petition fails to change to the way R6S is currently functioning by banning game owners, we will consider filing a class action lawsuit for damages and refunds for those effected by the ban.


We Are Against Team Killing:

Just to be clear. We love R6S and are against the Team Killers that wreck the team tactics approach to the game, but banning gamers who have paid money for the game is unacceptable. Please join us in trying Ban The Ban on Rainbow Six Siege game owners and change the game for the better.



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