Assassins Creed / Remove the helix store from future AC games / Boycott helix store

Assassins Creed / Remove the helix store from future AC games / Boycott helix store

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Started by Connor Maughan


I'm giving this petition a go to hopefully bring it to Ubisofts attention that fans of the AC franchise are fed up of microtransactions I would be surprised if they didn't know this  already.

I'm not entirely sure that this will change anything but it would be nice to see how many others agree with what I have to say.

With the recent release of AC Valhalla it is difficult not to feel that the franchise is being used as a tool to sell microtransactions, the fact that the total cost to buy every pack on the helix store would cost more than the game itself is disgraceful, I will also add if you purchased the season pass this gives you no access to any of the items on the helix store the season pass only gives you access to the 2 DLCs coming out.

Now it is very simple to say "if you don't like the microtransactions then don't buy them" this I understand but it isn't the point, the current AC games are only singleplayer based so why is there microtransactions on a singleplayer ONLY game this I do not understand, also the helix store has 'time saver' packs why would Ubisoft want to sell us a time saver pack that will make us spend less time playing their game?

I will also highlight that there is only 9 base game armour sets, I believe they added a saint George armour set but I'm not counting this due to it being a reskin of the theign armour set, Ubisoft are regularly updating their Helix store with more armour sets and charging a ridiculous amount of money for them not only are they charging a lot for these items they are reskins of the base game armours (here is some videos to a YouTuber Fizhy who goes in depth about the reskins and shows examples)

Video #1

Video #2

Ubisoft need to be held accountable for what is going on, they are slowly bleeding the franchise of every penny and soon it will die, like I said before I'm not convinced this will change their views on the situation because the helix store makes them a lot of money and unfortunately money usually wins.

My solution for this problem would be to remove the helix store and microtransactions all together and focus on creating in game challenges and free content drops so people can keep engaged with the game and give them reason to keep playing I personally finished AC valhalla got the platinum trophy then deleted it I have no reason to go back and play it again.

I was not expecting to write this much so I appreciate it if you've took the time out of your day to read this, I apologise if it is difficult to read I have never been good at writing, I'm a better speaker.

Nothing may come from this so probably the only way to win this would be to boycott the helix store, I personally haven't bought anything from helix store and never will so by signing this you agree to boycott the Helix store! 

Please feel free to sign if you agree if you do make sure to share this also to build up momentum, there is a few AC YouTubers who have spoke on the matter and made some very good points so if they catch wind of this it may push it further, like I've said I'm not expecting this to do anything but why not at least try and see how Ubisoft react 

Thank you

UPDATE #1 - So I've just seen a video on YouTube by JorRaptor now I'm not fan of him at all because I feel he uses the helix store in giveaways to get himself more followers/subscribers but that's my opinion, anyway he released this video (skip to 9:20) in the video he explains how after the past 4 months the post content items that have been introduced into the helix store actually don't work the way they're advertised on the store, now for the individuals who are defending Ubisoft about this whole microtransaction situation do you still think this is right? Not only are they charging ridiculous prices for these packs but the items don't actually work. 

Update #2 - There was a glitch found within the river raids update where players could glitch out of bounds and interact with a pink box which would give them items that are from the helix store for free, this glitch was immediately fixed whilst other bugs and glitches that have plagued the game since release (4 months) are still present, I've seen many people complain about how missions aren't working, characters and appearing and save files being corrupted, surely this is evidence of how much they value money over the players.

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3,837 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!