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Petition to have a woman driver only option on Uber/ola and a woman passenger only option for women drivers. I just wanna combine our unemployment problem with our safety issues. Here’s the thing, many parents like mine are skeptical about letting their daughters travel alone by ubers/olas because most of us still aren’t completely confident in the safety standards. While I think it’s miraculous how much these cab services have tried to make it safe for us, we’re still skeptical. I strongly believe that having a woman driver only option would change this. This would not only help with employing more women but also make it safer for us. I also think it’s essential for each woman driver to have the option of only picking women passengers to ensure their safety as well. I’d really appreciate if you shared this and made this something that goes ahead and gets someone big to implement it. I have faith in the power of social media and I’d love if you helped me.