Uber & Lyft “Panic Button” on the driver’s screen

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Due to policies within Uber and Lyft, carrying a weapon in case of a dangerous passenger is against the service’s TOS (terms of service) and will get you kicked off of the service as a driver. 

What happens if your passenger threatens harm, and you’re unable to de-escalate the situation?

The smartest solution to this is an on-screen “Panic Button” on the driver’s screen while on an active drive. 

Upon pressing the Button, the service will alert Uber or Lyft, will alert 911, and will actively track your location. It will also update Uber/Lyft/911 if the driver goes off course by more than 0.25 miles, and will send an alert also if the destination address changes. 

The Panic Button will only be able to be disabled after 5 seconds in case of accidental press. After 5 seconds, it will not be able to be deactivated. 

All drivers need to be able to be reassured that they are safe while driving passengers, and a Panic Button will be an extremely useful tool to keep drivers safe from harm while on the road.