Uber Drivers Need To Protect Themselves

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In light of recent events in Houston, Texas and other areas in Texas is has become self-evident that we, the drivers, need to be able to protect ourselves with the same level of force as those attacking us. On February 12th, 2018, an Uber driver was shot in the back, robbed, and left for dead. Under Uber policy this is an acceptable consequence because Uber drivers are not allowed to carry firearms in their vehicles.

According to the Castle Doctrine of Texas a personal vehicle is an extension of the home and, as such, is deemed private property. The doctrine states that drivers may conceal carry firearms in the vehicles for self-protection. Uber’s policies currently stand in direct opposition to Texas’ Castle Doctrine, this leaving Uber drivers unarmed and defenseless in life-threatening situations.

Uber needs to re-examine their policy regarding concealed carry protection in the state of Texas.