Get Uber to re-hire Alex Ramirez (AlexRamiGaming), after being fired for unjust causes

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Alex Ramirez was an Uber driver out of Beaumont, TX. He started streaming himself playing the mobile game, Pokémon GO on his YouTube channel AlexRamiGaming on July 7th 2016, while out driving for Uber. While it didn't interfere with his duties as an Uber driver, some viewers of his stream had trolled him by contacting Uber and complaining about him. This led to Uber firing him, and deactivating his partner account; and all this happened just hours after he had witnessed a murder, and reported it to the police. These trolls also made reports to the Beaumont Police Department claiming that he had hit people with his car, or killed people, etc. The entire reason this man was fired from his job was from no complaint of the Uber customers he served, but from the viewers of his online stream. He did not deserve to be fired, and Alex should be re-hired by Uber immediately.