Uber’s unethical business practices globally including here in Canada should be stopped!

Uber’s unethical business practices globally including here in Canada should be stopped!

August 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Fathima Safraz

I have been driving for Uber eats part-time since 2018 October, and completed over 6000 plus deliveries to this date.

The business model from Uber at present enslaving the poor even further, getting to exploit the underprivileged in our societies and communities to much worse economic situations than what they were once in is nothing less than despicable/ disgusting and more importantly, is a tragedy impacting hundreds of millions of gig economy workers, to say the least. The exploitation by Uber’s manipulative technology used to enslave people with the false claim of providing solutions to employment issues, need to be stopped.  

Only you can help to make a difference, as governments at all levels need to know for the convenience of food delivered to the doorstep, there’s a cost by way of their countrymen and people working hard getting ripped off and also penalized for working to contribute to a society that they live in providing a service to make ends meet.  It should be a fair trade.  Not exploitation.  At least a minimum wage should be guaranteed.

Uber does not pay minimum wage after considering all expenses incurred including gas, energy, and vehicle repair costs and the governments do not provide enough facilities/ relief for people who are driving on these platforms to ensure there are safe/ time tolerance places to park in a congested city like Toronto.  The spots to park safely without being penalized for parking violations are inadequate or conveniently ignored to make revenue, and this is unacceptable.

Why do they the city, allow companies like Uber to operate if the city/ they cannot provide adequate parking facilities for people who drive on these platforms, providing the service?

Well, that’s a question, that needs to be answered by elected officials, who were elected to serve the people of this city/ province and country.  

By allowing companies like Uber to operate in cities, did the city have enough planning to allow the drivers to cater to the demand, without having to worry about getting parking tickets?

The convenience of people getting deliveries to their doorstep for less if they had to drive to collect, is a brilliant idea.  But at what cost?  If leaders thought through these issues, the gig economy can be a whole lot better.  The gig economy creates employment and revenue, however, if companies like Uber manipulate and exploit, and cities keep issuing parking tickets to drivers due to road works, no adequate designated parking for these gig workers for an example, and allowing companies like Uber to get away without honouring provincial labour laws, that every other employer has to comply, then that’s that should not be acceptable. Laws should not apply differently depending on who and what you are.

It’s not a good example nor a good precedent to be set.  Many people from all different walks of life that lives in our communities are impacted, there needs to be action, not just words to hold companies like Uber accountable.

Our government here in Ontario said they were going to make the gig economy better by holding companies like Uber accountable, but it has encouraged companies like Uber to keep exploiting the underprivileged even more with no clear plan or tangible actions to improve the conditions of the gig economy drivers/ workers who have been sucked into working for well below minimum wage with no protections of their jobs/ any other benefits.  

This petition's purpose is to raise awareness, it might not go anywhere as corporations with a lot of money are very powerful, and they have a big say in everything we do.  

Uber was unknown until the last decade and they’re an employer for hundreds of million people now on their terms.  If one does not agree with their terms which are very cumbersome for the average person to read, they can disagree by not installing their app on one’s phone, simple as that. There will be many more underprivileged lining up to replace those who have the choice not to work for platforms like Uber, due to their circumstances, however, the focus is not on the success of Uber, it’s their manipulation of everyone within the platform that needs to come into the light.  We need our governments to stand up and do the right by supporting the hard-working people, and by holding companies like Uber accountable.

There are more gig economy players than Uber in the market, however, Uber sets the guidelines in exploitation for other players to follow due to their growth based on convenience, but at the cost of your fellow humans, friends and families.

The gig economy is Uber’s excuse, you can work whenever you want.  What they’re doing is increasing customer charges, and charges for the restaurants, and drivers get peanuts regardless of how big a tip you pay.  Uber uses the technology of artificial and business intelligence to benefit their bottom line.  False promises to empower people and a living wage have been nothing but a lie to fatten their wallets.  This is nothing new, but exploitation continues.

Uber controls who gets what, no one else has a say in it.  All democratic governments have allowed them to reign free in their jurisdictions, exploiting people from all walks of life.  Politicians including local governments here in Toronto are pretty happy to issue tickets to Uber drivers taking their entire earnings back into government coffers.  
Fundamentally it’s clear that these companies are working hand in hand with our government's blessings at all levels.  Uber like other ride-sharing companies does not pay parking violations.  Courier companies like UPS, and FedEx pay for their driver's by-city law infractions like parking violations as they’re a business delivering important/ essential business deliveries.

Uber advertises as a cheap alternative, but they’re sucking the blood out of everyone around the world, violating accepted laws around the world.  It’s been reported by worldwide media how Uber is allowed to exploit Canadians and people around the world by our elected governments with a free hand defying all ethics over money.  Uber wants Canadian taxpayers to foot the bill to provide benefits to Uber drivers, that alone is a very selfish ask, what does the taxpayer has got to do with Uber?  Uber like most corporations has become very powerful and arrogant enabling it to silence common sense by influencing our politicians with the money they make by exploiting underprivileged people who work hard, with blood sweat and tears.  The underprivileged, who never get a say based on their circumstances and many other disadvantages, fighting to put food on the table get impacted at the expense of companies like Uber getting richer by the day. .  

The gig economy workers aren’t asking a wage to build swimming pools in their plush backyards nor an easy way out.  These people are working for way less than minimum wage that has been set by countries, provinces and jurisdictions.

The higher ups of companies like Uber can boast about their achievements when they toast their success at parties at the expense of people they have exploited.  The ask is to pay a living wage at a minimum, a minimum wage at the least to make it sustainable and not help these companies to get rich from nowhere, exploiting all involved.

Uber needs to be held accountable, the wage in Toronto for Uber eats is less than $7 overall, taking into consideration the fuel and car expenses and that’s a generous guesstimate.  With taxes on income earned, and delivering food the drivers are much worse off, it’s not an ethical business model.  

Uber can block anyone from their platform based on their reasoning, no loyalty or gratitude for making their platform profitable to them. When you look and observe the behaviour of Uber, it’s up there with the things that democracy should not stand for, this exploitation is happening right in our backyards, under the guise of flexibility and freedom.  As said I have been driving for them for almost four years, due to the lure of a supplemental income working whenever you want to, however, the folks driving these full-time to make ends meet based on their circumstances have no recourse to justice, as like installing software if you disagree with Uber's terms you cannot work.  Terms and conditions are defined by a company with no checks and balances by our governments.

There had been a class action file lawsuit against Uber here in Canada, not sure how it went and if it was settled out of court but our governments should ban Uber from this country unless they guarantee at least minimum wage to promote a sustainable gig economy benefiting everyone, not just one company to monopolize and exploit the market to make profits for a few.

I'm hoping there will be enough support for this petition to go through, as I had spent thousands of dollars in car repairs like millions of other Uber drivers who have to pay out of their pockets, Uber does not own a single car in the market at present, Ubers pay is well below minimum wage albeit their false promises over the years to improve wages in short of no other benefits like vacation pay, sick days, pension plan.  Uber can do better, there’s a buy-in for the convenience, but spare a thought for those who have to work for almost next to nothing.  

Unethical business practices like Uber's exploiting, shouldn’t happen in a developed democracy, but Uber has managed its exploitation planned well, meticulously to get rich at the expense of the less privileged.  Nothing new, but the gig economy they’re promoting should help people and communities who are crying for reforms, not make them worse off than they were, and always will be due to manipulation and continuous underpaying.

If an individual exploits someone this way, sure they’d end up in a jail cell for deceiving business practices and causing harm to others by exploitation.

Uber has found ways to get out of laws that apply to all others for exploiting market conditions, by calling themselves a technology company with influencing governments across the world, but they’re not just a technology company.  They’re very much in the business of transporting passengers and goods including food, medicine, documents, alcohol, and groceries to name a few and yet expanding taking over pretty much everything we know.

Uber has directly impacted companies like Canada Post to lose business at an alarming rate, as Canada post pays a living wage to their employees with benefits, however, Uber takes in all profits impacting millions if not billions of exploited drivers using their cars, that enables the convenience for all as they promote it.

Uber hiding behind the gig economy label manages to impoverish our citizens locally every day, and international citizens globally but still manages to claim a loss citing their investments in future technology like auto driving electric cars. Not a bad principle, from a business sense Uber, is ethical but Uber can deny the human cost at all levels and keep exploiting the underprivileged.  Most workers from the Uber platform are new immigrants or the already disadvantaged, due to many reasons, continuous exploitation.

 The exploitation of immigrants and the underprivileged who see this as a supplementary income must stop.  

After all, providing a service should be compensated, adequately and fairly. Not to be exploited as Uber does.  I find driving with Uber eats is becoming extremely difficult but customers are likely unaware Uber exploits the customer, restaurant and the drivers in the end.  Drivers are paid next to nothing, and have to take high risks of getting parking tickets, as the city of Toronto is pretty happy to make merry with the poor as well by enforcing parking laws to full effect.  Kindly help companies like Uber be held accountable for exploiting our own from our cities, as this is not the world our future deserves for all the hard work we have to put in to bring food to the table.  

The goal of the advocacy is to ask the government to intervene to protect its citizens, and countrymen from being exploited, locally and globally.  Hope you can help out your fellow humans, friends and families to get at least a living minimum wage.

Thank you!

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