Uber: Help Voters Get to the Polls

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I'm asking Uber to offer free/subsidized rides to polling locations on election day, particularly in areas where suppression tactics have been most egregious, and polling places less ubiquitous. 

With the progressive erosion of voting rights since the 2013 Supreme Court ruling, thousands of polling locations have been removed. Most of these were located in areas in which minorities live; thus disenfranchising communities of color disproportionately.

One way we can help mitigate the effects of this, is by providing transportation for those who may not readily have access. By providing a ride share, it could help those for whom public transport isn't available; or provide a more efficient method of transport to minimize the amount of time needed to take leave from work or home.

Every voice & vote should be heard. This isn't a partisan consideration. It's an American one. No matter where you stand, everyone can agree that those who can vote, should be able to without impediment. Please, Uber, help preserve a fundamental democratic right.