Uber Eats: End Your Partnership with McDonald's

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After several scandals, Uber is supposedly turning over a new leaf: the company has a new CEO and has vowed to be more socially responsible. But Uber has yet to let go of one relic from its sordid past: its partnership with McDonald’s through Uber Eats.

Branded “McDelivery,” this service brings animal cruelty to customers’ doors. Though dozens of other fast food giants, including Starbucks, Subway, and Burger King, have pledged to eliminate the worst animal abuses from their supply chains, McDonald’s refuses to release a meaningful chicken welfare commitment, allowing abhorrent practices to continue on its suppliers’ farms.

Despite knowing about McDonald’s animal welfare issues, Uber Eats continues to promote McDonald’s more heavily than any of its other offerings. UberEats could focus on promoting the products of our local favorites, but instead many consumers will find the fast food giant McDonald’s at the top of their restaurant list in the app. Why is Uber Eats turning a blind eye to animal abuse?

Please join The Humane League in calling on Uber to cancel McDelivery until McDonald’s lives up to its promise to take animal welfare seriously. This partnership has no place in the portfolio of a company striving to do right by the world.