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Written by Milky Lane

Dear Uber Eats Australia and Deliveroo,

We're writing this message to you on behalf of ourselves and a whole industry that's being brought slowly to it's knees by Covid 19 and the roll on effects of what's happening right in Australia and around the world.

As you'd be well aware, with the 35% industry average sale commission that you guys take, most of us run at a loss to operate this delivery service but we do so because we want to give our loyal customers the luxury of having food delivered to their front door (we care greatly about the people who support us).

Now as we get deeper and deeper into this pandemic and people are becoming more cautious of leaving the house, delivery services such as your own start to have a monopoly of being the first choice over eating in store (where we take 100% of the sale not 65% as per using your services) which is our preferred way of feeding our guests. You're in a position of control and we're calling out for your help and assistance during coming months.

Whilst we completely understand that you're running a business and profit margins need to be maintained, we also need to ensure that we don't sink if people decide to stay in and with your current rates and formatting, a lot of people will.

There's 1 of 3 ways in which we would like to ask as a whole industry, for your help.

1. Reduce the 35% commission - this will help us justify using these services right now when in house dining numbers are decreasing across the industry. If restaurants go under, you will also be the ones that suffer in the end so we need to work together on creating the best scenario and outcome.

2. Drop the delivery fee - by doing so, this will make it even more appealing to consumers to order delivery from their favourite restaurants. Whilst we still make zero profit from the transaction, it will help immensely with cash flow - cash flow that allows us to pay rent, pay staff, the cleaners and everyone in between.

3. Increase your marketing allocation - again as with above, increase in deliveries will help with cashflow which helps the industry stay afloat and pay bills.

We're definitely not alone in this message we're sending and the reach and support on this post will hopefully get across to you that we need your assistance. The next few months for the whole country are looking grim and we need to band together as one and help each other out.

And to our amazing customers, guests, friends and loyal consumers, PLEASE choose TAKE AWAY now if you are able to pick it up and don't want to dine in store. This will help us more than you know and prevent us losing more money