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I have a fear of driving. As a result, for the last four years, I have used uber almost every day to go everywhere; work, events, etc. I even use uber when I travel abroad. As an uber-veteran, I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.

Yesterday, I forgot my phone in an uber vehicle. When I realized this, I used my room mate's phone to try to log into my account and contact the driver. However, I had forgotten my password. I decided to request a new one. That is where the trouble started.

To help you retrieve your password, Uber has a two-step verification; they send you a four-digit code to your phone. This, of course, is for our safety. The problem is "how do you get the code if you don't have your phone?" The answer is easy. "Customer service." Right?

Only mine was not so easy. Unlike most companies, Uber has NO PHONE HELPLINE for customers. All the numbers online are an automated robot sending you back to the app if you are not in a fatal accident.

For almost five hours, I sat next to my computer trying to get help with this issue. Out of desperation, I even tweeted uber. Uber customer service from Twitter responded to my problem and nudged the email customer service before I could get a response. To make matters worse, the email customer service (after five hours) replied by sending me THE SAME LINK which requires the two-step verification.

I am not able to go to work today since I can't uber there. To this point, I STILL haven't been helped. I wanted to cry, or yell. And I thought to myself, "who does that help"? I decided instead, to use my voice as a social media influencer, to reach out to all of you.

I am confident there are others out there who have experienced this too.
Together, we can ask the new CEO of uber, Dara Khosrowshahi to implement an uber customer service helpline for everyday customers like myself.

He can understand that typing back and forth for hours delay help for issues which only require a 5-minute phone call. Every other company does this: banks, restaurants, manufacturers, airlines, etc.

Please sign this petition, so uber can see how many of its customers urgently need this feature. Thank you.