End the Corporate Greed that is punishing delivery drivers and waitstaff, for good.

End the Corporate Greed that is punishing delivery drivers and waitstaff, for good.

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   Food deliverers are out risking their lives in this global pandemic to bring food and supplies to folks and are being exploited by companies like Uber eats and DoorDash- working for criminally low rates as a contractor. 

    These gig economy apps are charging astronomical fees to both customers and restaurants, sometimes putting restaurants in the position of losses because of the fees they have to pay. And the drivers are only receiving a few dollars for their time, effort and wear and tear on their vehicle. 

   There are major systemic issues that need to be addressed to fix this, but in the meantime, drivers are relying on customer tips to survive. Not receiving a tip on an order can sometimes result in a financial loss for the driver after gas and vehicle maintenance. 

It’s time to hold these companies accountable. 

    Corporate greed has taken the long-endured struggle that delivery drivers and waitstaff have endured, to a new low. They are the ones that profit the most during this pandemic, making billions of dollars a year, while comfortably working remotely. 

    Meanwhile- walkers, riders, drivers, and waitstaff are working in the pandemic, hoping to make enough in tips, just to make ends meet. The answer is not simply- “just go find another job”- The unfortunate response that is sadly often given by those who simply do not care, or truly understand this dilemma. Not with joblessness being at a record historical high, and millions of individuals unemployed currently. That isn’t the solution.

    The small attempts to give basic, health coverage to workers in this industry- a recent tactic forced into the public eye by these companies- is too little, too late. It’s also smoke and mirrors. 

    Uber purchasing postmates last year is another blow. Uber is a company that initially hired anyone- to make millions. Once it did, it made sweeping changes to their hiring agreement process- essentially abandoning all of those that helped build it into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The recent multi-million stimulus they received for example, gives a limited intitative, to make a bit more, when delivering. Once those stimulus fund run out, it is widely regarded that deliverers will feel the effect in a very bad fashion.

  Initiatives to make more, are essentially “mice chasing cheese hung over a wheel”. You’ll run, and try your hardest- but you will never get it. Not while greedy corporate executives earn millions per year to sit at home and make video calls, with comfortable six-ten figure guaranteed retirement payouts, win or lose. There are always going to be a small number of deliverers that report success. They are vastly outweighed by those that, do not.

    These are some of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the world. Their vast wealth and influence have corrupted an already unfortunate struggle, that many have lost, are losing- and will continue to lose, unless we, the people stand up and refuse to accept it anymore.

   Workers stand outside of restaurants to pick up orders, sometimes for more than twenty minutes- only to receive less than a dollar per mile, and per minute for the wait. So if they spent an hour on the wait, pickup, and drop off combined- and get no tip- they will have gotten paid about five dollars for that hour. 

   That is not enough to cover the rising price of gas, or any type of living expense. Five dollars per hour. Some orders can be enormous. They are not limited to food. They can be electronics, household goods- any essential items that are needed, or desired to be delivered. 

  “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

These corporations must, pay more per mile, delivery, and per minute for the wait- and finally for the delivery. So that way if a customer decides to not tip- something totally within their right- a delivery person does not have to suffer a devastating financial blow. 

We will rise, and stand up to this. Who will stand with us?


0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!