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UBC Alumni: tell the Board of Governors to vote NO on the 50% tuition increase

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Dear alumni: Help us keep UBC accessible

The AMS is currently leading the student opposition to the proposed 50% increase on international tuition to be voted on at the December 3, 2015 Board of Governors meeting.

These increases would push the cost of a UBC degree over $150,000 for students from abroad and end our school’s status as one of the most accessible major research universities for students from around the world.

Moreover, UBC administrators have said that they do not know how they will be spending the extra revenue and that most of the money will be going to an undefined “strategic projects” fund.

We also have specific concerns over the failure of the University to meet the four principles of a the initial Board resolution passed in June instructing the administration to develop a plan to increase international tuition reproduced in full below:

“The UBC Board of Governors requests that Administration set international student tuition fees at levels that reflect UBC’s standing as a global university and the value of a UBC degree. While ensuring that the University maintains healthy enrolment of international students and attracts and retains a diverse range of students, the fees should support the mission and excellence of the University and should be comparable to those at peer institutions.”

1. Excellence: UBC currently does not have an official definition of what they consider to be university “excellence.”

2. Peer Institutions: Listed comparator institutions were chosen based solely on international rankings, and we believe that many of the schools, specifically American institutions, are not comparable peers.

3. Diversity: UBC does not have an official metric for measuring diversity, neither cultural nor socioeconomic.

4. Mission: The proposed strategic fund is meant to contribute only to initiatives involving research and learning, leaving out the key student experience element of the UBC Vision Statement.

Considering the above, as well as significant interim leadership within the administration including the President, Provost, and Board chair, the AMS does not have confidence in the capability of UBC for fulsome consultation, consideration, and decision-making regarding the proposed increases. As such, we believe that UBC administration should not make decisions of this magnitude without long term leadership and strategy.

We’re asking you, as former students and crucial members of the UBC community to sign the petition asking the Board of Governors to vote no on the tuition increases at their December 3 meeting until concerns over the problematic nature of the proposal are fully addressed.

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