Stop the dog poisoning in Myanmar

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In Myanmar there are more than 200k stray dogs and cats, the government wants to stop the spread of stray animals and in order to do that, they’ve decided to kill them by poisoning them. We need to make a change, Myanmar is not known well in America and I want to change that. The poor animals are starving and will do anything to eat, if you visit Myanmar you will see that the poor dogs and cats will start wagging their tails and follow you in hope of being fed. This means that they will eat no matter what, causing them to be poisoned. There are people in Myanmar who are trying to stop this genocide but it’s not enough, if we as a nation start sharing and posting this on social media the government in Myanmar will realize they’ve made a mistake and can stop this genocide. Please help me spread the word, if we all work together and share this we can make a change and stop the killings