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Stop Taxing Our Period: Help to end Tampon Tax!

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Some say governments that make money this way penalize women for their biology. Most U.S. women pay a so-called "tampon tax," which refers to a tax on feminine products. That perspective has picked up momentum, with at least five U.S. states dumping taxes on such products.

There are currently 40 states, including Texas, that impose a tax on tampons and other menstrual products. It’s billed either as a regular sales, gross receipts or luxury tax. A luxury tax applies to products or services deemed unnecessary or nonessential. In Texas, this means items like contact solution and Viagra are sold tax free — but not tampons. 

In 2013, tampons in Texas were deemed as “props.” As the Texas Senate prepared to debate the abortion bill State troopers checked the bags of each person entering the gallery and tossed  tampons, maxi-pads, perfume bottles, moisturizers, pencils and other items into the garbage. The Senate Sergeant-At-Arms at the time, Rick DeLeon, said that no props would be allowed into the Senate gallery, per decorum rules.

The tampon tax isn’t federal, states decide what items will or will not be taxed.

Feminine hygiene products should be considered necessities – like medicine and food – not luxuries because having a period is not a choice for women.

On average women in California pay about $7 per month for 40 years of tampons and sanitary napkins. Statewide, it adds up "over $20 million annually in taxes," according to a news release. This is gender injustice people!!! These products are a basic necessity that should not be taxed; it's especially "unjust" since the tax only impacts women who are already suffering on the wrong end of the gender wage gap.


For those uninitiated in the country’s tax codes (lucky you!), most states tax all “tangible personal property” but make exemptions for select “necessities” (non-luxury items). Things that are considered necessities usually include groceries, food stamp purchases, medical purchases (prescriptions, prosthetics, some over-the-counter drugs), clothes (in some states), and agriculture supplies. The lists of exemptions vary from state to state.
Basically we are being taxed for being women. This is a step in the right direction to fix this gender injustice. Women have no choice but to buy these products, so the economic effect is only felt by woman [sic] and women of color are particularly hard hit by this tax. You can't just ignore your period, it's not like you can just ignore the constant flow.
It's an issue that's gaining more and more attention around the world.

Canada's tax on feminine hygiene products was lifted over summer, after thousands signed an online petition on the matter.

In Britain, a few women staged a "tampon tax" protest while on their periods last fall.

Government is taxing women for something that is totally out of their control and feminine hygiene is not a choice and should not be taxed


If we can’t make them free we should at least make them more affordable. Having your period when [you're] poor means that once a month you have the added stress of finding a way to pay for these essentials."

Tampons are a necessity not a luxury. Let's get together and abolish the tax on tampons.

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