Bring promotion/relegation to U.S. Soccer

Open up the sport of soccer in the U.S. to allow all clubs in all leagues to have a shot at becoming the best club in America. Let's change the status quo in the United States by allowing clubs to show their strength by their athletic ability and not by the amount of money a club has. If leicester has shown us anything it's that any team can be number one. Opening up U.S. Soccer make for better competition and player development and give fans of any team the chance to become supporters of the best club U.S. Soccer has to offer. Let's put our best in the limelight and make teams strive to be the best and stay the best. To do this we need thousands of signatures and support from the leagues to petition U.S. Soccer President. Let the fans be heard and let's tell them what we want. Let's bring promotion and relegation to America.
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  • U.S. Soccer Federation

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