Trump is Impeached. Now remove him from office!

Trump is Impeached. Now remove him from office!

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We are The Million American Petition with over 720,000 signatures to impeach Trump.

The Million American Petition was the first impeachment petition ever created for Donald Trump. A fact we are proud of. We knew early on Trump was a threat to our democracy. Now we have proudly declared victory and announced the Impeachment of Donald Trump in December of 2019. We did it!

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But our fight is far from over... Donald Trump needs to be the first sitting president to be both Impeached and removed from office. 

We the American majority call upon our elected officials both Democrat, Republican and everything in between. We call upon you to remove Donald Trump from office. This will require a 2/3 majority Senate vote to pass. Which means we need bipartisan support. Donald Trump would be the first impeached president removed from office. We must do this to restore the integrity of the oval office and the trust of our elected officials.

Due to Trumps recent impeachment. It is clear he is unfit to serve as president. Breaking the law and working with foreign adversaries against American citizens. Lying to the American people and congress. And assassinating foreign advisories without consulting congress.

Donald Trump, an impeached president. Ordered the assassination of a high level Iranian military official this past week without congressional support or approval. This act has put all young Americans at risk of war with Iran. 

Your voters (The American majority) want to know who stands with Trump and who stands with America. It is clear these two things are in no way compounded. Trumps self interests supersedes every American in this country and we the people do not accept that. We expect all our senators to come forward in support of removing Trump from office.

If our leaders from both sides of the aisle don't act fast and stop this war by making it clear to the world we do not support Donald Trump than we will find ourselves in a potential World War lll that we can not stop. 

We the majority will not forget who voted which way. We will not forget who supported Trump and most of all we will not forget those who stood silent or undecided while Trump continues to destroy American values. Over 50% of Americans supported impeachment and over 10 million have personally signed petitions to make it known.

While Trump is now impeached. He still holds all the power of a sitting president. It is now your job to take Trump off the table for 2020 re-election. It is time to remove Trump from office.

Sign our petition today and we will use your support to back our message calling on all senators in this country to remove Trump from office.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!