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The duck boat took my family from me.

On July 19th, my husband, Glenn, 40, and our babies Arya, 1, Evan, 7, and Reece, 9, drowned in a totally preventable disaster on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. Altogether, seventeen souls, including my other Coleman family members - Horace “Butch” Coleman, 70, Belinda “Toni” Coleman, 69, Ervin “Uncle Ray” Coleman, 76, Angiee Coleman, 45 and her baby, Maxwell 2, were killed.. They all died because of the duck boat’s deadly design, which the industry knew about for more than 16 years. In 2002, the National Transportation Safety Board told the duck boat operators to make them safe.

They didn’t.  

I miraculously survived, along with my 13-year-old nephew, Donovan.  So many loved ones died that tragic day, but not my spirit. In their memory, I am asking you to join me to help ensure that no one else is killed by death trap duck boats.

Help us ban all unsafe amphibious vehicles like the one that killed my family and dozens more over the past 20 years.  In addition to signing this petition, it’s also important to support Senate Bill 3301 Duck Boat Bill - and Indianapolis U.S.Rep. Andre Carson's House version (H.R. 7526) - that will force the reckless and deceitful duck boat industry to comply with safety recommendations that it has ignored for decades. Ban the duck boats NOW!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tia Coleman