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Tell Congress to Write and Pass Common Sense Gun Reform

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Dear Honorable Members of Congress,

On behalf of the citizens of the United States of America, it is time that you take initiative and solve the issue of gun control in the United States of America. On February 14, 2018, a total of 17 children were killed in school, and that death toll is rising. They were shot by someone who local law enforcement stated had a "very, very, disturbing" profile. The suspect (who will not be named in this letter) was only 19 years old. Despite his age, he was able to gain access to an AR-15, a semi-automatic weapon. This weapon has an effective range of approximately 600 yards and has inconceivable destructive capabilities.

Despite this, you have remained inactive. You have refused to pass common sense gun control and protect your constituents. You have refused to represent the people you were elected to represent. A Quinnipiac poll in 2017 showed that 94% of Americans were in favor of expanded background checks. Clearly, if your intention was to represent this 94%, you would have passed common sense gun legislation before this tragedy. But you have made it clear that your dedication is not to the citizens of the United States. You have made it clear that your dedication is not to other high school students like myself, who sit in class in fear, as atrocities such as the one that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are now the accepted norm. You, Members of Congress, have made it blatantly clear that you do not represent the dead students and children, the mourning parents, and the begging citizens. You have sent the message that you are representing the National Rifle Association. You have sent the message that you represent the money that they donate to your campaigns, rather than the lives lost in Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Columbine, Orlando, Charleston, Parkland and the countless other cities ravaged by the tragedy of mass shootings.

The issue of gun control is a complicated one. It is a question of how to interpret the Constitution and how to balance that with the safety and well-being of the citizens. But it is the issue you were elected to solve. You were put into office to fix the defining issues of our time and ensure that America can be a truly safe place. Show the people of the United States that you don't represent the interest groups that fund your campaigns, but that you represent the people. The citizens who have tragically lost children and loved ones to gun violence. Show us that government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished. Solve this issue: pass expanded background checks and nationwide waiting periods, and put a stop to the suffering.


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