Tell Congress to Dump the “DAIRY PRIDE Act”

Tell Congress to Dump the “DAIRY PRIDE Act”

January 17, 2017
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Started by Good Food Institute

The DAIRY PRIDE Act would force any product that is not the "lacteal secretion” of a cow – products such as soy and almond milk – to be renamed or face punishment from the FDA for “misleading” consumers.

Please tell your senators to oppose this absurd legislation; everyone knows that  almond milk doesn’t come from cows who have been fed a lot of almonds!

No one is purchasing plant-based milk, cheese, or yogurt because they’ve been tricked into thinking it’s a cow’s “lacteal secretions.” Consumers are buying plant-based alternatives precisely to avoid consuming dairy!

This is part of a trend of well-funded ag interests attacking their plant-based competition, just like when the American Egg Board tried to keep Hampton Creek’s egg-free Just Mayo off the shelves.

Dairy alternatives continue to become more popular. On the flipside, dairy itself is struggling. Just this fall, the USDA stepped in to buy $20 million worth of cheese that the industry couldn’t sell due to lack of demand. Apparently that wasn’t enough – Big Dairy is now seeking more government help. But this time, they’re targeting the competition.

Tell your senators to oppose the anti-competitive efforts of Big Dairy.

“Almond milk” and “soy milk” are accurate labels. It’s time to put an end to this industry-funded market interference.

For more background on what led to this action, check out our op-ed in the LA Times.

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This petition had 44,675 supporters

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