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Stop Student Loan Companies From Profiting Off Of Education; Pay what you owe.No Interest!

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Education moves the world, creates changes, and helps the economy thrive with newfound innovation. 

Student's should certainly be responsible for paying for their own education. But when it comes to third-party loan companies; these companies are taking advantage of students---Gouging graduates with interest, it is hard for the graduate to get ahead; this is a major setback. 

Student's are usually signing up for these large third-party student loans at the prime age of 18; when they are not fully mature to make long-term financial decisions. 

We need to stop the interest through third-party loan companies, and have students who want a higher education--pay what they owe, no additional interest. 

There is obviously a large bubble of student debt going on. Don't charge extra third-party interest. 

Universities need to stop outsourcing third-parties for loans, and let students pay the University what they 'really' owe, nothing more, no interest.

Third-party student loan companies, should also give a refund to those that already paid the interest and were gouged. 

The education industry is just as important as the medical industry. It is rare for medical companies to charge interest on the services they provide.  

This will help get on the right track to solve the student loan debt 'bubble' that has been caused. 


According to the most recent data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, total student debt now tops $1.3 trillion. It is the single fastest-growing segment of U.S. consumer debt, increasing by 170 percent over the past decade.-US

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