Stop Exotic Animal Trade!

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Every day animals are being taken out of their homes and being kept as pets. Breeding animals where the person can sell of the babies to the buyers. These animals don't deserve to be kept as pets. They need space to run, and keep their habitats from being destroyed. Some of the animals people take, they destroy our own ecosystem! 

There are people who take them and just keep them locked away in cages and never let them out, unless people are coming over. Even so, these animals are so miserable that one day they might turn on you and just start killing people. There is nothing that says "These animals are harmless!" No! These animals are dangerous and they don't need to be kept in cages, kept away from their families. 

So please, stop buying wildlife animals, stop buying these exotic animals so you can be "cool" and "amazing" and "everyone will treat me differently now that I spent over $1,000 on this cool animal" 

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