Stand with Dr. Anthony Fauci

Stand with Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Hala Sabry-Elnaggar started this petition to U.S. Senate and

Dear Sir or Madam,

We physician parents—and members of the Physician Moms Group—are writing urgently to support Dr. Anthony Fauci. We, along with all healthcare workers, have been working tirelessly in our roles during this unprecedented pandemic. Dr. Fauci, who is an internationally renowned Infectious Disease expert, has been a steady voice to the American public, guiding us through this most difficult and uncharted time.

We are writing and asking the American public and our elected leaders to show full support for Dr. Fauci’s relentless efforts to communicate scientific and medical facts to keep us safe while we maneuver to our new normal. It is now more imperative than ever to stand strong in support of medical leaders and science, on behalf of our communities and country. We need to continue to reinforce proven preventative measures that keep us safe and to re-flatten the curve during this escalating COVID-19 crisis. We support universal masking, hand hygiene, widespread testing, contact tracing and continued physical distancing until a cure and/or a vaccine is found and implemented successfully.

In summary, we wholeheartedly support Dr. Fauci and his steadfast resolution to speak on our behalf, despite those voices that say otherwise. We wish him and leaders across our cities, our states, and our nation continued strength during this time.

Below are signatures of concerned citizens, parents, and physicians who are calling for continued support for and cooperation by lawmakers with scientists and medical leaders.

We are in the fight of our lives for every American life, our American way of life, and our America. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!


Susan B Geiger, MD, FAAEM - Emergency Medicine

Sonal Saraswat Gupta, MD, FACP- Internal Medicine

Jennifer D Martin, MD, FAAD - Dermatology

Thanh Nguyen, MD - General Surgery

Hala Sabry, DO - Emergency Medicine

Jade Le, MD - Infectious Disease

Lori Bryant, MD - Pediatrics

Terry Krause, MD - Family Medicine 

Theresa Hegge, MD - Plastic Surgery

Therese Susan, MD - Psychiatry

Regina Troxell, MD - Child Neurology

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!